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Creating Opportunities

It is a common consensus that to start a business and bring it to the point of success and no return, all you need is one good idea. While that can sometimes be true, you would still not want to subject that to sheer chance, but rather something that you do control yourself.

On those grounds, having the best foundation to business success lies in having as many possibilities and opportunities at creating business. It is a worthwhile attempt to explore additional products, services, procedures and processes that may enhance your initial idea.

In a fast paced, internet-powered generation of the 21st century, you shall constantly explore new ventures, but nothing brings the kind of potential that internet does to your means of profits and more importantly, exposure. Your investment on these lines will be minimal compared to the returns you gain.

We are a creative design firm helping you bring your business online

Since it's inception in 2013, the firm delves creatively into home projects focussing on schools, retail shopping etc. as newer projects line up in the pipeline while also developing third party ventures with an enthusiasm to ensure these business, once online, stays online.

Theoria Tech with it's team of engineers possessing a vast array of knowledge and experience in website and app development have been dedicating their time and expertise to make sure you don't have to struggle setting up businesses online allowing you to keep focus on what you know to do best, expand your success.

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Have a look at our projects

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Our Vision

By the start of 2016, the firm holds considerable experience and reputation under it's belt finalising major 3rd party projects and is marching steadily towards it's vision of delivering home projects by the year 2020, that become an integral part of a user's daily life.

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Our Analysis

We started as an innovative team in 2013, after much analysis of the market patterns and upcoming business ideas, creating a full fledged business plan to implement innovative techniques at bringing efficiency to existing businesses as well as up coming ones.

Our Journey Started
Back End
User Interface
Data Acquisition

Our workflow begins with a detailed acquisition and analysis of the project data at hand and classifying them into stages of the actual execution of the project.

Project Planning

Once through with analysis, the project planning consists of dichotomising the various stages according to the expertise we hold in hand, bringing out the best results during execution.


The project itself involves coding from the base and synchronising individual work at various stages, followed by an in-depth testing and optimization providing a real-time picture of the plan.


We prefer a final layer of testing involving the end user before delivery, to understand the feel of the project once it goes live. This is followed by deployment and release.

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